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Custom Built One At A Time

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Oar Storage Port Side - Crabbing on Starboard

I cut and make each part of the boat using a few old wood cutting tools. This makes it easy to custom fit an idea

and fit it to the boat you want, the way you want it.

Standard in each boat, each seat has 1.4 cubic feet of foam sealed on each side (6). The centers are for storage. Seats are made of one piece front and back, tops are 13'' WIDE. The front seat will hold 36 beverage cans, 2 bottles of water and 8lbs of ice. The center seat holds the battery, light switch, 12v power supply outlet for GPS, depth finder & phone charging. The rear seat stoage is up to you. It can store the stern light pole, horn, power switch for electric start motors, anchor line, tools and mini bilge pump. Drain holes on each side for easy washdown are large enough that bottle tops won't get stuck. The port side drain at the stern is 1-1/4" and drains the boat quickly in or out of the water.



Add Seats & Steering

The bench seats are reinforced and fitted with a base plate for the fold up seats. The Steering Stick is added to the Starboard side to run the trot line when crabbing.

Deck over frame up

Hand framing of the front deck may need painting before the sides go on if you can't fit in later.


Deck covered with air-tight hatch

Upgrade on the bottom paint!

Interlux  2000E Barrier Coat applied in three layers with Micron Extra for three more.



True salt water protection that works and lasts.

Roll & Tip Awl-Grip Sides - Four coats.
Add a heavy duty rub rail and lights

Even a hand painted stern looks great!

Located at the mouth of Little Creek on Kent Island.
I found this Oyster House on Little Creek that feeds into Crab Alley Bay and on to Eastern Bay.  This is a great spot to build the skiffs that we once played on the river in.  At Crab Alley Custom Boats it has been a dream come true for me to build the skiffs I grew up with.  Building each boat as I would build it for myself, then after many weeks of hard work, when I am happy with it I deliver.  It may take an extra three weeks after all the upgrades are worked in and painted.  This is why I build one at a time by hand.  It makes every boat special. Tom Jones


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