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The Crab Alley 1900 RW is a Commercial Skiff

The CA 1900 RW, began in response to Professional BoatBuilder magazine’s Design Challenge.

The contest charges builders with creating a trailerable boat — less than 2,700 pounds — with maximum 25 hp that burns less than 2 gallons per hour at a 15-knot cruising speed. 

And must be able to safely  get home against a steady 15-knot breeze with higher gusts, and a 2′ to 3′ chop.  This 2’ to 3’ chop is what must be overcome to get a comfortable ride. 

This leaves a flat bottom CA1800 skiff out of the running with the 15-knot + breeze.

The Honda 20 works the 10 hr day using under 2 gal fuel.
The light weight and low draft lets you work the creeks to one foot of water, larger boats can't work up where the crabs are in late Aug and Sept.
  Crab Alley Creek, Kent Island, MD

The CA 1900 RW    

LOA 18' - 10"

Beam 74"  Draft 12"

940 LBS,  20" shaft

1/8  to 1/4 gal per hour

Honda 20 HP

Soundings August 2009

Cuts the water with a workboat stable ride.

Full Keel with planked fish belly bottom added to the flat bottom 1900 Skiff.  Tracks true thru the water.


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