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Every Crab Alley Skiff is handcrafted and custom-built for each owner. The lightweight CA 1600 and CA1800 skiffs are constructed entirely of PVC sheet materials and trim boards. With its flat bottom, raised bow and hard chine hull, the design itself is nostalgic of classic wooden rowboats, yet innovative because no wood is used in the construction. Built with the framing of the 30's & 40's planked skiffs, and the bottom and sides of the 50's & 60's plywood skiffs, blends the best of the past with the lightweight, maintenance free, economic future.  The Crab Alley Skiffs are less then half the weight of wood and FRP. So it’s OK to use a 9.9 or 15 HP on the CA1600 instead of that 30 or 40 HP gas hog! Think of the weight you don't have to pay to carry, push, or tow.  What's right - NOTHING TO ROT, SINK OR BURN!
Custom CA 1900 RW with Honda 20.


  • 100% PVC materials by Synboard, Glue-N-Screw construction, one off
  • 3/4” PVC sheet one-piece bottom (1" CA1800)
  • 5/8” PVC sheet one-piece sides (3/4" CA1800)
  • PVC materials are laminated for transom, gunwale, knees, chine, stem, and keel
  • PVC materials are "welded" together with a specially formulated structural adhesive and filler, then screwed while wet for added strength
  • PVC material floatation properties exceed Coast Guard requirements
  • Additional floatation areas consist of 4 lb-density foam sealed within the seats


  • Now AwlGrip topcoat finish available!
  • Very stable for fishing, crabbing, hunting or just relaxing
  • Will never rot or burn, No wood or FRP used.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Lightweight - Commercial heavy duty by request
  • Superior buoyancy - Will not sink
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency! A standard 9.9 hp motor uses only .25 g/h for CA1600, And under .5 g/h for CA1800 w Honda 20.
  • And yes at about 360 lbs You Can Row It!
  • Full package deal or just the hull.
  • Lifetime warranty and brokerage package.
  • Lifetime trade-in to trade-up.

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This sturdy and lightweight skiff is a timeless design; but it's built to stand the test of time. We're confident that your purchase of a Crab Alley custom-built boat will provide you and your family with many memorable times. 

The Crab Alley 1600 with a Merc 9.9

You can order the bare hull and finish yourself or,

Get The Turn Key Boat, Motor, and Trailer Package.