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Custom Tender Built for "Winnie Estelle" Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat

The Minnie Estelle was built with the same frame and thickness of materials as the CA 1800.  This heavy-duty 15' skiff has four lifting points, located in the edges of the front and rear seats.  The lifting points attach to the chine and rib supports under the seats to lift the skiff by the frame.   It is the only Crab Alley skiff built to be lifted in and out of the water, and be set into chocks on the deck.  The skiff LOA is 14' 10", the beam is 4' 11", Hull weight is 550lbs.  The Honda 15 HP motor has electric start and tilt. 

Crab Alley 1500 Tender, one off custom build.

The Honda 15 is all the power needed, only 50 hours on the motor.

  Price cut from$14,500 to $9,500. Email


Crab Alley 1500 Skiff, Honda 15 HP Motor

Karavan KBE 1250 Trailer

Custom Sunbrella Fabric Full Cover

Custom White Oak Lifting Rig

GOST immobilizer, Rowing Package

Battery, Running Lights, Bilge Pump

Storage in all three seats



Marine Surveyors & Investigators, Surveyed the Minnie Estelle for Value and Replacment cost in March 2016.  Email for Copy.


Link to Minnie Estelle Photos

Trailer Specifications

Use the link below to see the Karavan trailer Specs for the KBE-1250-46.  Click on KB/KD/E/L-900/1250/1500 Specs

The Package Trailer is second in list.

Link to Karavan Trailers

This is White Oak spreader used to lift the skiff.

This spreader comes with the package.  The lifting eyes are 8' apart, in the front and back seats.  You can see more pictures on the photo pages.

The cupped bottom adds lift at stern to help get up on plane.

The 3" x 3" full keel is mounted on a 5 1/2" x 3/4" plate on the bottom.  Under the rear seat the keel is stepped down to 5 3/4" that creates a fin. There it continues on the inside to the knee at the transom.  The end of the fin returns to the 5 1/2" plate.  Giving the skiff a pivot point for turns at the rear seat.  This allows for wide open flat turns, and will let the skiff turn in her own length at any speed.  Response is precise and immediate.  The bottom and keel design is a Crab Alley Copyright.  View bottom pics to fine She's as beautiful upside down as She is on the water.


<p>For more infomation, Word copy of Survey and a test ride email  410-643-3452  Subject  "Minnie Estelle"</p>