Can You Put A Boat In Harold Parker State Forest?

Can you swim at Harold Parker?

Harold Parker’s many scenic ponds make great hiking destinations. Harold Parker is also the home to the Berry Pond day-use area, and the popular Lorraine Park Campground. The closest campground to Boston, it features 85 campsites, boating, fishing and a swimming area.

Is Harold Parker Park open?

Harold Parker State Forest, Massachusetts – Camping & Campgrounds. Great News! Most DCR-managed campgrounds are open to full capacity, including cabins, yurts, group sites and safari fields. Reservations for campsites are REQUIRED, with NO WALK IN CAMPING ALLOWED.

How many acres is Harold Parker State Forest?

Harold Parker State Forest, which lies in Andover, North Andover, North Reading and Middleton, comprises just over 3,000 acres of Central Hardwood-Hemlock-White Pine type of forest. The forest is twenty miles north of Boston and within one hour’s drive of three million people.

Can you hunt in Harold Parker?

Hunting is allowed in the eastern side of Harold Parker, Boxford State Forest, Carter Hill, Mazurenko Farm, Bruin Hill, Town Farm (bow hunting only), Foxwood, and Half Mile Hill (subject to special provisions.) No hunting is permitted on Sundays. During other times, wear blaze orange to make sure that you’re seen!

Can you fish at Harold Parker State Forest?

Anglers will not want to miss fishing on one of the 11 ponds in Harold Parker State Forest. Fishing is best during the months of April through October when the waters are warm.

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Where is Harold Parker State Park?


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