Quick Answer: Can I Use A Car Coil For My Boat Engine?

Can you use car spark plug wires on a boat?

Some boaters believe that marine spark plug wires and those manufactured for land vehicles are interchangeable. That is not the case. An additional major difference between these different spark plug wire sets is that the marine distributors have different cap ends than those in automotive sets.

What does an ignition coil do on a boat?

Ignition coils are unique to an engine family. Its function is to provide an electrical pulse to the spark plug that jumps the gap creating a spark. The switchbox provides the voltage and current to the coil along with the signal for the coil to fire.

Will a poor ignition coil damage the engine?

A faulty ignition coil can also lead to a no-start condition. For vehicles that use a single ignition coil as the source of spark for all of the cylinders, a faulty coil will affect the operation of the entire engine.

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How long do engine coils last?

The ignition coil on your car is supposed to last around 100,000 miles or more. There are a number of factors that can lead to this part become damaged prematurely. Most of the newer cars on the market have a hard plastic cover that is designed to protect the coil from damage.

Is there a difference between auto and marine spark plugs?

technically the plugs are NOT different. However same engine in marine version might use a different plug than in auto version. This has to do mainly with heat range and operating conditions as well as power rating of the engine. Marine engines are normally higher power rated than corresponding auto engines.

How much are plugs and wires?

Spark Plug Wire Pricing $30 -$40: Spark plug wires don’t really vary that much in pricing. Generally, you will be able to find one of the best spark plug wire sets in this price range. They will come with multiple wires to connect to several spark plugs.

How do I know if my boat coil is bad?

Bad Coil Symptoms in an Outboard Motor

  1. Cracked Body. The coil on your outboard is a sealed unit.
  2. Hard Starting. If the coil is weak or damaged it will produce less spark energy than it is designed to.
  3. Engine Misfires.
  4. No Spark at Spark Plug Gap.

What are the symptoms of a bad CDI box?

Symptoms could include misfiring, dead cylinders, backfiring, bizarre tach behavior, and countless other things related to how your engine’s running. The problem may get worse as the bike warms up. It might not even hold low revs at all.

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What happens if coil pack goes bad?

Coil Pack Problems Usually, if a coil pack is bad, there will be a loss of fire or spark in one or more cylinders. This causes what’s commonly referred to as misfiring. Misfiring can cause drag on the crankshaft, and usually results in a very poor performing engine.

Can you drive with a bad coil pack?

It is possible to drive with a faulty Coil On Plug (COP), but not advisable. Driving with a faulty waste spark ignition system won’t be possible. Driving with a faulty coil pack can damage other components of the engine. You’ll also learn how to diagnose and replace your faulty coil.

Do you have to replace all 4 ignition coils at once?

A faulty ignition coil cannot be repaired; it must be replaced. Whenever one of the ignition coils fails, it’s also recommended replacing all spark plugs if they haven’t been replaced in a while. New spark plugs will help ignition coils last longer.

What would cause an ignition coil to burn up?

The main cause of ignition coil burnout is the insulating material aging. For example, when the ignition coil high voltage can’t output smoothly, the current turbulence in coil will occur, causing the temperature to rise rapidly and accelerate the insulating material aging.

Should I replace coils with spark plugs?

Should I replace ignition coils with spark plugs? Ignition coils and spark plugs work closely together. But if you are simply replacing your spark plugs as part of routine maintenance service, it is not necessary to replace your ignition coils at the same time unless there are signs that they are failing.

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Will changing ignition coil improve performance?

Engine performance can be helped by a high performance ignition coil. The higher voltage allows for a larger spark plug gap, which results in a more robust initial flame kernal. The result is an increase in engine power.

At what mileage should you replace coil packs?

While ignition coils do not have a service interval, they do have a lifespan. There is no specific mileage or age to replace them. They should only be replaced when they are bad. If you notice any cracks on the plastic or epoxy, and of course misfires, then it is time to replace the ignition coils.

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