Quick Answer: Can You Add An Upper Deck To A Pontoon Boat?

Can you add a second story to a pontoon boat?

The second story is fine just so long as it is onlly a small deck without much beyond a chair or two and a railing.

Can I add a slide to my pontoon boat?

Adding a slide to a pontoon boat is very simple if you go the inflatable route. For real ease of use, we recommend buying an inflatable slide instead of a fixed plastic model. They are quick to install and uninstall to your pontoon boat and you don’t have to make any permanent modifications.

Can I put a bigger engine on my pontoon?

A 90 hp engine on a pontoon with a few people on it can easily hit 22 mph. For beginners at water sports, you probably don’t even want or need to go that fast. You can still do some high speed water sports and you don’t have to spend the $1000 to upgrade to a bigger engine when you get your boat.

What is a pontoon deck made of?

It all happens on the deck. Most pontoons are made from an aluminum frame, and sitting on top of the frame is the base we call the deck.

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Can you put a fire pit on a boat?

Not Made For a Boat – The fire pit is not specifically made for a boat so you will have to make some adjustments including potentially fastening it to the deck using brackets like the Hubbell 1-Inch Strap. Also, you may want to purchase a fire extinguisher strap to hold the 16 oz propane tank underneath the fire pit.

How big of a motor can I put on my pontoon boat?

Experts recommend having a baseline engine of 115 horsepower for boats with a 20 to 25-foot range. This baseline will guide you on your activities. The 115-horsepower motor is an adequate size for most pontoon boats. The right set-up can help you take full advantage of your pontoon boat on lakes and rivers.

Is 25 hp enough for pontoon?

Most commercially accessible pontoon boats tend to average between 18 and 25 mph, although there are a few very quick production boats on the marketplace, plus some altered ones that have recently set world records. But generally speaking, the 18 to 25 mph range is what you’ll be looking at.

How long do pontoon decks last?

Pontoon deck boats are expected to last between 10 and 12 years. The aluminum hulls of pontoon deck boats only dent rather than breaking or cracking if subjected to impact. On the flip side, the fiberglass hulls of other boats are prone to damage.

Are lifting strakes worth the money?

How Much Do Lifting Strakes Cost? Adding decent lifting strakes to your boat will set you back around $2,000, but it could be an investment that is well worth making for optimum speed abilities. However, it is worth mentioning here that most boats will come with lifting strakes already on.

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What kind of wood should I use for a pontoon floor?

We used ¾-inch treated plywood (the cheaper option), but if you really want your floor to last, opt for marine-grade plywood. (EDIT: The copper in new ACQ pressure-treated wood will corrode the aluminum stringers in a pontoon – potentially very quickly.

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