Quick Answer: Can You Drive Your Own Boat To Cumberland Island?

Can you take a private boat to Cumberland Island?

Private Boating Visitors are welcome to take their own boats to Cumberland Island.

Can you drive to Cumberland Island?

Standard Hours. The only way to get to the island is by passenger ferry (not a car ferry) or private boat. For information about making a reservation with the National Park Service official concessionaire operated ferry visit our Reservations page or visit Cumberland Island Ferry website.

Can you charter a boat to Cumberland Island?

No Charters Allowed According to Cumberland Island National Seashore, “private charters are not authorized to bring visitors to Cumberland Island National Seashore.

How do you get around Cumberland Island?

The only ways to get around the island are either on foot or by biking. Biking is a great way to explore the island! Bikes are available for rent at the Sea Camp Dock when the ferry arrives and are managed by the Cumberland Island Ferry. The rental is $16 or $20 for overnight.

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Is there drinking water on Cumberland Island?

Visiting Cumberland Island Marys River and across Cumberland Sound is part of the Cumberland experience. No supplies are available on the island so visitors must bring all supplies with them. Drinking water is available at the visitor center, the ranger station, the museum, and Sea Camp Beach Campground.

Can you walk on Cumberland Island?

Trails, beach, and roadways (not marked private) are all available for hiking. Popular trails on the southern end of the island include: Dungeness Roadways – a self-guided walk through the Dungeness Historic District. River Trail – a short walk along the water’s edge between Dungeness Dock and Sea Camp.

Can you spend the night on Cumberland Island?

Visit Cumberland Island for the day, camp overnight, or be a guest at the upscale Greyfield Inn, made famous by John F. Kennedy Jr.’s wedding. Guests of the Greyfield Inn take the hotel’s private ferry, the Lucy Ferguson. The boat ride itself is wonderful way to see Cumberland’s beauty from the water.

Is Cumberland Island worth the trip?

Cumberland Island is absolutely beautiful! We enjoyed hiking, fishing, swimming, and sightseeing at the Dungeness Ruins. There are tons of wildlife to see such as deer, racoon, and wild horses. we were even lucky enough to see a sea turtle on the beach last night.

Does Cumberland Island have bathrooms?

Are there bathrooms on the island? Yes, bathrooms are marked on the map which can be picked up during check-in or at Sea Camp Ranger Station.

How much does it cost to camp on Cumberland Island?

$12 per site/night; 6 people per site; $6 reservation fee included. Camping is a very popular activity for Cumberland Island visitors.

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Can I take my dog to Cumberland Island?

Pets are permitted on Cumberland Island but they must be transported over on private boats. The ferry does not transport pets. Pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Please pick up after your pet and dispose of their waste properly.

Does anyone live on Cumberland Island?

Only a handful of habitable dwellings dot the landscape. Most are owned by descendants of steel tycoon Thomas Carnegie (though a few on the north end belong to heirs of Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler). Just one welcomes overnight guests: Greyfield.

Are there alligators on Cumberland Island?

On Cumberland Island, alligators likely exhibit some level of brumation, but it is common to see large alligators basking in the sun to heat up in the winter time. Temperature not only determines how active alligators are or how often they feed, it also determines the sex of alligator hatchlings.

What is the best time of year to visit Cumberland Island?

Fall Is A Wonderful Season To Visit Cumberland Island With summer’s hottest temperatures now past, fall is a great season to visit Georgia’s largest barrier island. Cumberland Island National Seashore’s ferry times during October and November 2020 are below.

Can you take a day trip to Cumberland Island?

Cumberland Island National Seashore offers visitors a chance to explore at an unspoiled coast, historic ruins, and miles of undisturbed land. It makes a great day trip from Jacksonville that kids and adults will love.

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