Readers ask: Can Travel By Boat Between Mazatlán And Los Cabos?

Can you take a ferry from Cabo to Mazatlan?

The Ferry Dock is located at Pichilingue Terminal. The ferry to Mazatlan departs daily at 3:00 p.m. and arrives in Mazatlan at approximately 8:00 a.m. The ferry departs Mazatlan at 3:00 p.m. daily and arives in La Paz at approximately 8:00 a.m.

Are there ferries from Cabo to Puerto Vallarta?

There is no direct connection from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas.

Is Cabo better than Mazatlan?

Mazatlán has significantly better access to the beach than Cabo. San Jose del Cabo does have a very nice bike path and pedestrian area but the hotels and resorts block the view to the beach along this corridor. As far as beach access, Mazatlán has the advantage.

Are expats happy in Mazatlán?

The Best Areas/Neighborhoods for Expats While Mazatlán is a huge city, most of the expats will live in these 3 areas, almost exclusively within 1km of the coast. While of course some families or expats might live in the interior of the city, the vast majority do not.

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Can you take a boat from Cabo to La Paz?

Traveling From Cabo to La Paz Then take highway 19 north through Todos Santos and into the city of La Paz. Marina Cortez is where you’ll catch the complimentary ferry ride to Paraiso del Mar.

Is Cabo or Puerto Vallarta better?

Go to Cabo if you want a place to get away for the weekend, if you don’t mind relaxing at the hotel, and are happy just sunbathing and snorkeling. Go to Puerto Vallarta if you’re looking for more authenticity, want a slower paced vibe, and are up for some adventure.

Is Puerto Vallarta cheaper than Cabo?

Compared with the average prices in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo is slightly more expensive. As far as the average price goes, Cabo is very similar to Puerto Vallarta but is a lot cheaper still than stays in Mexican locations such as Cancun or Mexico City.

How far is Cabo from Puerto Vallarta by boat?

The distance between Cabo and Puerto Vallarta is about 300 miles; however, travel time can take upwards of 18 hours, depending on the mode of transportation.

Is Mazatlan safe?

Mazatlán is SAFE for tourists to visit for a vacation, holiday, or cruise ship stop. Stick to tourist areas such as the Golden Zone, Old Town and Malecon where Tourist Police have a constant presence. For an extra layer of safety upon arrival, we suggest using a safe and reliable airport transfer.

How far is Cabo from La Paz?

Location: La Paz is about 100 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, a two-hour drive.

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Can you see Cabo from Mazatlán?

There is no direct connection from Mazatlán to Cabo San Lucas. However, you can take the drive to Mazatlan Ferry Terminal, take the car ferry to La Paz Ferry Terminal, take the drive to La Paz, then take the bus to Cabo San Lucas.

How long is ferry from La Paz to Topolobampo?

The Baja ferry schedule from La Paz to Topolobampo leaves every weekday at 2.30pm and at 11pm on Saturdays. The journey takes around 6 or 7 hours, we arrived from the Topolobampo ferry at around 8.20pm on a 2.30pm crossing.

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