Readers ask: Can You Add Active Trim To Older Boat?

Is Mercury Active trim standard?

Mercury Marine includes Active Trim as a standard technology for all new outboard engines of 175HP and up. This intuitive and hands-free system continually adjusts engine trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance, fuel economy, and ease of operation.

Can you run a boat with the trim up?

Since the trim tabs can take over trimming the hull, the power trim can focus solely on adjusting the prop. By having the power trim and trim tabs work together, your boat achieves optimum performance and efficiency you can’t get with the power trim alone.

What is mako active trim?

Active Trim is an integrated GPS, speed-based automatic engine trim system from Mercury Marine. This intuitive, hands-free system continually adjusts engine trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance, fuel economy, and ease of operation.

What is mercury DTS?

Mercury Marine’s DTS ( Digital Throttle and Shift ) takes the performance of your boat to the highest level and makes putting the motor into gear a lot smoother and less clunky. Compatible on many of the larger Mercury outboards, DTS is a whole new experience for single-engine boats.

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What does Mercury Active trim cost?

It retails for about $500, depending upon the specific installation. The Active Trim display shows the profile selected and whether or not the system is engaged — that’s it. Once engaged, touching the “on” button takes over the trimming function at all speeds.

How do Trim Tabs work on boats?

Trim tabs do much the same thing for a boat. They provide lift in order to compensate for changes in speed, weight distribution, and water conditions. When they are deflected downward, the water force on the trim tab creates upward pressure, raising the stern and reducing hull resistance.

Should I put trim tabs on my boat?

Do You Need Trim Tabs? The short answer is no, they are not needed to have a safe and pleasurable boating experience. If your inflatable has to be run wide open to stay on plane, it would benefit from trim tabs. If your bowrider sticks its nose in the air when you accelerate from idle, it would benefit from trim tabs.

How often should you start your outboard motor?

A few hours every week keeps the motor in better shape than using it two or three full days every month. The more often it gets used, the better it will run, just like any vehicle. If it’s left sitting idle at the marina or in a garage for the majority of the time, parts tend to go bad faster.

Why does my boat motor dies when I give it gas?

A clogged fuel line inhibits the flow of fuel from the boat’s gas tank to the engine. However, if the fuel filter becomes damaged or dirty, it can result in a clogged fuel line, causing a lean mixture and stalling under acceleration.

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Why won’t my trim work on my boat?

If the tilt and trim motor works fine but the engine won’t raise or lower, slips down when in the raised position or won’t stay trimmed, chances are that the problem is with the hydraulic pump or valve body assembly. If the level is adequate, the problem is most likely with the hydraulic pump.

Is it bad to run an outboard engine at full throttle?

Does this mean an engine should never run at wide-open throttle (WOT)? Absolutely not. Modern engines are designed to handle WOT. Also, during break-in going to WOT, as prescribed by the owner’s manual, is necessary to properly seat the pistons’ rings.

Should outboard be stored up or down?

Don’t Store the Motor Tilted Up When you park the boat for the winter keep the motor trimmed or tilted down, especially if it’s outdoors. This will allow all of the water to drain out of the motor’s cooling system.

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